Metal parts Stainless steel

Metal parts Stainless steel

In this product group you will find metal parts separately assembled under the same product group, products made of stainless steel. Surgeon's steel, Stainless Steel, which uses the abbreviation RST. Stainless steel is considered a completely allergy-free jewelry metal. Stainless steel always contains nickel, but it is chemically bonded to other metals and does not dissolve !. Steel-colored stainless steel is uncoated steel that, due to its metallic color, is compatible with chromium-colored / platinum-colored jewelry metal for use. Stainless steel is also a completely maintenance-free jewelry metal that does not change or wear its surface, because the metal is entirely the same metal. Steel is also stronger than jewelery alloys, so for example in jewelery spikes, a 0.6mm steel spike is strong. Stainless steel is mainly iron with some chromium, manganese and molybdenum and nickel, which is therefore insoluble and completely safe to use.

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1 - 60 of 127 results