DISCOUNT POLITY IN KORUTARVIKE.COM ONLINE STORE is always an affordable pearl store. Starting prices are consistently low. We constantly sell cheap beads and jewelery parts, so as a customer it is safe for you to buy jewelery accessories that have been researched and tested in Finland from

You do not need to be a company, association or similar to get the discounts. Our discount policy works the same for everyone as follows:

1. It is worth registering on the Jewelry page, because without registration the customer account cannot be activated as a loyalty account. After registration, you will receive a customer ID. ALWAYS use this same customer ID when ordering. This will save all your orders in your customer account.

2. When your customer account has accumulated purchases from the online store during a 4-month period worth 200.00 euros worth of jewelry (note: postage does not accumulate a customer account), your customer relationship will become a regular customer and you will receive an e-mail about the change.

3. As a regular customer, you will ALWAYS receive a -10% discount on your purchases of more than EUR 40.00 in the online store. The coupon code entitling to the discount can be found in a product group called LOYAL CUSTOMERS, which can ONLY be logged in with a personal loyal customer ID. The Loyal Customer ID is therefore the same ID that you received during registration and that has activated as a Loyal Customer ID.

4. Loyal customers entitled to discounts are valid for 2 months from the last order. In other words, a regular customer base becomes a normal customer base if no orders have been accumulated in the customer account in any 2 months. 


1. Register

2. Order jewelry worth EUR 200.00 within 4 months

3. You are a Loyal Customer and receive -10% on purchases over 40.00 euros

4. Always remember to use your customer account number in your orders to keep your customer account valid!


The information is used only for customer relations and is not regularly passed on to third parties. The customer register is treated confidentially. The registry is adequately protected from outsiders by firewalls and other technical protections.

Person in charge of registry matters Suomen / Erkki Riitto


Product information and legislation

Nickel-free, lead-free and cadmium-free jewelery parts tested in Finland. Fast delivery 1-3 days.